People often ask me how I transitioned from a background in engineering and logistics into the world of skincare. The answer is simple—family.

My wife and my lovely teenage daughter share a fascination with skincare. And, as you can imagine, we used to go through a lot of skincare products in our home. The bathroom counters were adorned with bottles of ointments, creams, serums, and lotions—most of which were only used once.

They, like many people, were disappointed with the skincare solutions available. Too greasy. Too watery. Too fragrant. Too ineffective. It seemed like everywhere they turned, a new product popped up, promising wild solutions and failing to deliver on those promises. As I watched the bottles (and the receipts) pile up, I saw my wife and daughter grow more frustrated.
I didn’t know a lot about skincare at the time... But I knew that my family needed something they weren’t getting. And they weren’t alone in the struggle. The more that I spoke to friends and family, the more I kept hearing the same issues. Skincare was always a sacrifice—the only products that worked well were full of chemicals and irritants.

The “natural” solutions were weak and didn’t work. The ones that moisturized left their skin feeling greasy and heavy.

Nothing seemed to have it all.

The average American spends more than $300 a year on skincare products, most of which they don’t end up using. And the skincare industry is all too happy to keep providing products that just don’t work.

My engineering brain knew one thing for sure—every problem has a solution. That applies to skincare as well. So I set out on a course to find solutions that would work for my family.

My daughter was adamant—she wanted to use natural products, not harsh irritants and unnecessary fillers. That’s where I began my search. It wasn’t long before I found the ancient beauty secret—Ayurvedic herbs—ingredients used in skincare for thousands of years, proven by time and confirmed by modern science.

The journey was just beginning...

I was determined that if I was going to create a product, I was going to do it right. I wouldn’t stop until it was perfect. I consulted with chemists, researched the best skincare products available, and iterated. I was on a quest to create something that my wife and daughter could be proud of, something that would be that ideal skincare solution our friends and family were looking for.

As we developed our products, we reached out to friends and family for feedback, taking their suggestions to heart. If a product turned out too heavy, we found different ingredients that would make it lightweight. If it was too watery, we researched what would give it body without grease.

Truesse came to be because of community—our circle coming together to help guide our products in the right direction and make sure that we were providing something unique, special, and powerful.

The journey wasn’t easy. There were bumps along the way, products that didn’t turn out right, and plenty of trial-and-error. But eventually, we had the skincare products my daughter had dreamed of for years - lightweight, luxurious, natural serums that healed and hydrated. More importantly, she gained confidence in the way her skin looked.

"I was the happiest man in the world. I knew her beauty didn’t depend on how her skin looked. But the way she lit up with confidence when she felt beautiful—that was something I wanted to bring to the world."

That’s the real goal of Truesse. It’s not just to provide natural skincare solutions for soft, silky skin. It’s not just to offer pure products that actually work. It’s to make sure that everybody has access to products that give them confidence, that empower them to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Truesse was born from our family and community’s skincare frustrations. And now, we want to share the solution with you. Your true beauty lies on the inside, not on your skin. But when you can target the imperfections that worry you, when you can restore both your skin’s radiance and your confidence, then you can share your beauty with the world.

Join us on the journey,